2016 NCAA Tournament Challenge
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Brackets are $5.00 per bracket, please turn in your money by Thursday to be eligible!

You are playing in a winner-take-all bracket


How Points Are Scored

Bracket Scoring: Standard by Round + Seed Scoring

Standard points awarded per game each round
R1=1, R2=2, R3=4, R4=8, R5=16, R6=32

Seed Scoring – To get points for Seed Scoring a player must correctly pick a team to win a certain game.
Points are then awarded based on the Seed #.

Example: Jane picks Iowa State (#10 seed) over UCLA (#3 seed) in a 2nd Round game.

With Seed Scoring, if Iowa State wins this game Jane would get 10 points. (Seed #10) If Iowa State loses this game or does not make it to this game, Jane gets no points.



Please have money turned in to Cecil Green or Robert Crume before the tournament starts to ensure that your entry is eligible.
Entries that are not paid may be declared ineligible to win the prize money.
Call or Email to make arrangments -
cgreen@tpclabels.com, 502-494-2820
rcrume@tpclabel.com, 502-609-0602

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